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How to Keep your Date Fun

If you want your first date with someone to be fun, memorable and exciting, you need to avoid being boring. Normally, dating should be fun because you are having a good time with your partner. However, if you are really nervous on your date, you may end up being shy and hence boring. There is no reason why you should be worried on your date, instead, you should be yourself and have fun with whatever you are doing. Here are some tips to keep your date fun:

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1. Consider doing something fun:

There are a number of things you can choose to do on your date to make it exciting and memorable. You can go sledging, laser tagging, paintballing, swimming etc. However, what may be fun and exciting to you may turn out to be boring to someone else. Therefore, make sure that whatever you choose is fun to you and your partner and both of you are enjoying doing it. You can have a list of the activities to choose from and whatever you agree in unison should be your choice.

2. Be interactive:

One of the reasons why dates turn out to be boring is poor communications skills. Some people talk too much while others don’t talk much or even don’t talk throughout the date! This turns out to be a turn off and hence a boring date. For a date to be successful, you should avoid talking about yourself too much because your date may think you are selfish or bragging. Instead, you should interact with each other by asking questions and answering them genuinely. This helps you bond by knowing each other more. When asking questions, avoid asking too much questions to avoid turning a date into an interview session! Remember to ask your date about him/herself only and if they mention how they like a certain activity or thing e.g. swimming, ask them more about that topic.

3. Find out more about your date:

Prior to your actual date, you should spend time trying to understand your date to help you know what you will talk about and what to avoid. You should research about their hobbies, likes and dislikes to know how to handle them. If you find out more about your date, you will not have to force them into an activity they are not interested in or bring up a topic they don’t like discussing. You can know more about your date by checking their social media accounts, your previous chats, blogs or websites if they have any.

4. Use body language:

When listening or talking to your partner on a date, you can use your body language to make you active and get engaged in a discussion. You can use your hands to illustrate, your eyes to communicate a message, nod using your head, reach out and touch them from time to time to make your discussion lively. However, you should avoid overdoing it to avoid being creepy!

5. Be attentive:

Avoid using your phone on a date because it is a sign of divided attention. You should put your phone on a silent or vibrating mode to avoid getting distracted when having a discussion with your partner. This does not mean you cannot pick or make a call, it means you need to avoid doing it unless it’s necessary. Nobody wants to be ignored or have no attention to what they are talking about on a date.